A Quality Phone Holder for Your Comfort and Productivity


Prop Up Your Phone With RhinoStand

It can be exhausting to hold your mobile device up while watching videos or working on multiple tasks. Luckily, we have a smart and simple solution to this modern-day problem. Our company brings you RhinoStand, a durable holder that is guaranteed to support your phone.

Our Product Features

RhinoStand is the same size as a credit card, so it will fit right in your wallet, letting you bring and use it anywhere. Our phone holder also comes with a stabilizer card and offers two viewing angles. This product is designed to last for years as it is constructed with aerospace-grade carbon fiber and kevlar hinges. We stand behind our invention with a limited lifetime warranty.

An Original and Local Creation

Our innovative stand is made in the USA. It is trademarked and patented with number D914026.

We’re Here To Help

For any questions or concerns about our product, contact us now. We are always ready to provide you with the answers you need.